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Hallite introduces bearings for extreme heavy duty applications

Hallite, a global manufacturer of high-performance hydraulic sealing solutions, has introduced the newly designed Hallite 708 bearing.

The redesigned sealing solution features material technology and key design enhancements to meet performance needs for heavy duty industrial applications.

The new Hallite 708 bearing is a fit-for-purpose solution designed for heavy duty cylinder applications.

For better alignment and to reduce the risk of metal-to-metal contact between moving parts, Hallite 708 bearings are machined to tight tolerances on thickness.

The bearings are well-suited for applications that require high load bearing, compressive strength, and wear resistant capabilities.

In particular the 708 bearings are designed for extreme applications where fibre-filled bearings are not suitable.

Lee Shek, Hallite technical director in China, says the 708 was designed for application beyond the load threshold of the company’s previous 506 bearing.

‘It is for use in extreme applications that are pushed to the limits in terms of heavy loads and rough wear. It has been tested in underground mining applications and has performed outstandingly,’ Shek says.

The Hallite 708 is available in inch and metric ranges.