HalenHardy unveils new system to improve the response to oil spills

HalenHardy, a US safety equipment manufacturer, has unveiled a new system to improve the response to oil and fuel spills.

In a recent breakthrough in spill response, the team at HalenHardy has discovered a fiber compound that enables the user to store between 400% and 1,000% more response materials in the same space as traditional spill products.

This process, called "Smoosh Packaging," has tested way above traditional products in speed, compactness and containment ability. The material is called Spilltration, which absorbs oil/fuel while filtering clean water.

"Mobile oil and fuel spills seem to happen when you least expect…a leaky diesel tank, ruptured hydraulic hose or electric transformer-oil blowout. The top priority is to contain the spill quickly to keep it from spreading," said Donny Beaver, HalenHardy CEO.

"Unfortunately, most spill response materials are bulky and take up too much space. And, the first person on the scene rarely has enough supplies to hold the spill in check. So, the spill spreads until help arrives," said Beaver. To solve the problem, product developers at HalenHardy took a novel approach.

"We've always known that bulky spill control products took up too much space to be stored in vehicles and equipment. We decided to search for materials that were able to be compressed by at least 75% and sealed into much smaller packages," added Beaver. "The sorbent also had to rebound to its original size once unpacked."

For example, the patent-pending SpillBoa sorbent barrier is a 5-inch by 25-foot "flat boom" that coils up into a compact 16" diameter, and the roll weighs just four pounds. Its flat profile allows more surface contact, which helps each SpillBoa barrier absorb oils/fuels 300% to 500% faster than traditional "overstuffed" booms and socks.

Plus, the innovative design holds back many more gallons of spilled material until cleanup crews arrive. SpillBoa barrier also floats on water and holds back oil spills.

"As a spill-response professional, I'm always looking for ways to help our customers save time and money. As soon as we saw the SpillBoa barrier in action, we recommended it to all our clients to keep in their vehicles and equipment as a first line of defense. It deploys up to 40 times faster than traditional products and helps mitigate the impact of oil and fuel spills." said Tim Acri, COO at Environmental Management Specialists.


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