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Hacked pipeline slowly returning to normal

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Colonial Pipeline has begun restarting its largest fuel pipeline network after a ransomware attack shut the line.
It will take several days for the 5,500 mile (8,850 km) pipeline to return to normal operations, Colonial said, with a return to ample supplies taking up to a fortnight.
The cyberattack halted 2.5 million barrels per day of shipments of petroleum, diesel and jet fuel last Friday after the most disruptive cyberattack ever on US energy infrastructure.
Colonial said it was working with cybersecurity experts to investigate the attack and had taken additional security measures before beginning the restart.
The company said its control centre is handling the restart of the pipeline, which stretches from refineries on the US Gulf Coast to consumers in Mid-Atlantic and Southeast states.
The supply crunch sparked panic buying in the US south-east. Nearly 60% of petrol stations in metro Atlanta were without supplies, with 65% of stations in North Carolina and 43% in Georgia and South Carolina also without fuel.