H-TEC SYSTEMS and Bilfinger cooperate to drive efficient green hydrogen projects in Europe

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H-TEC SYSTEMS and Bilfinger have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a collaboration aimed at jointly developing green hydrogen projects in Europe.
The non-exclusive strategic partnership is centred on the development of large-scale electrolysis projects.
A core element of the collaborative initiative between H-TEC SYSTEMS and Bilfinger is to jointly develop green hydrogen project concepts and to align technical and commercial interfaces between both parties.
PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolysis is a technology that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using an electrical current passed through a special membrane.
This membrane enables higher efficiency and faster response times. Additionally, PEM electrolysis operates at lower temperatures and pressures, making it more suitable for decentralised and on-demand hydrogen production applications. This reduces transportation-related energy consumption and emissions associated with delivering hydrogen to end-users.
Large-scale electrolysis projects typically entail a core electrolysis scope, which is usually covered by an OEM, and balance-of-plant related elements, for which clients typically engage an EPC/EPCM company or plant integrator.
Under the agreement, both parties intend to consider working together as preferred partners for suitable projects in which both see mutual value creation through their complementary offering.
“We are very pleased about the collaboration with H-TEC SYSTEMS, tailored to meet the growing needs of our clients while optimizing project execution and efficiency,” said Ulrich Trebbe, Product Manager H2 at Bilfinger.
“Our companies can meaningfully contribute to the sustainable transition of our energy system towards zero-carbon technologies. In this transformation, innovation, and technology leadership as well as cost attractiveness and customer centricity will play a key role.”
“We are delighted to enter this partnership with Bilfinger,” stated Robin von Plettenberg, CEO of H-TEC SYSTEMS.
“Our collaboration presents a core value proposition to joint customers. Clients who intend to invest in a green hydrogen plant are seeking reliable and trustful partners who can offer standardised, optimised, and repeatable plant concepts and thus contribute to reducing the overall complexity, risks, and costs of a project.”

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