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Gutermann launches world’s first NB-IoT water leak detection technology

Swiss water leak detection solutions company Gutermann has released Zonescan NB-IoT, the world’s first water leak detecting noise logger based on Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) to permanently monitor water distribution mains.

To date, successful pilot projects using the Zonescan NB-IoT have been carried out in France, the UK and Australia. The projects reduced ramp-up time and lowered up-front investment for acoustic loggers used to monitor system-wide water loss.

NB-IoT is a new cellular communication standard optimised for machine-to-machine data communication. The technology outperforms conventional 3G and 4G technology used in earlier generations of acoustic loggers, and uses five to ten times less power with improved underground coverage.

“We are excited about the launch of this product because we see an enormous potential for it given the connectivity and power properties of the NB-IoT technology,” said Lucas Grolimund, CEO of Gutermann. “We’re happy to once more lead the way in advanced fixed network leak monitoring solutions. Our hope is that the Zonescan NB-IoT logger will make permanent monitoring of networks more accessible to utilities due to its cost, ease of installation and compact design. It should therefore contribute to the rapid growth of technology-enabled smart water networks, helping to consistently reduce and maintain lower water loss levels.”

Gutermann will debut the new technology on 4 December 2019, on World Water Loss Day and the first day of the 2019 North America Water Loss Conference and Exhibition, taking place in Nashville, Tennessee.