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GSC Financial and Topper Industrial launch pipe joint leasing programme

Topper Tube, a full line of pipe joint and joints products by Topper Industrial, is now available in a leasing programme through a contract with GSC Financial.

The Topper Tube system is a smart, dynamic, and flexible system which can be suited for numerous applications.

Ryan Brown, president of Topper industrial, said that many manufacturing businesses prefer equipment leasing as a way to calculate rapid return on investment.

“Equipment leasing offers advantages that are often overlooked such as reducing business risk and improving financial flexibility,” said Brown. 

The pipe joint system has numerous advantages including easy-to-handle components made of light-weight materials.

Topper pipes and tubing are cost-effective, come with rust inhibitor applied to inner surfaces for extended lifetime cycles, and ensure durability and flexibility.

They feature a higher strength-to-weight ratio than that found in coated pipes and there is no burning during cutting.

The system eliminates electrostatic discharge, is electrically and thermally conductive, and provide high resistance to oil and chemicals.