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Grundfos signs pump distribution agreement with C&B Equipment

C&B Equipment recently signed a renewable distribution agreement with Grundfos, a global provider of advanced pump solutions and a water technology developer.

With their unique stainless steel construction and advanced electronics, Grundfos pumps are recognised for their value and reliability.

C&B Equipment will now be able to provide a broader supply of pumps and additional solutions for customers who need their pumps serviced.

The company now offers 24/7 service to current owners of Grundfos pumps in their Kansas territory, which includes areas west of Manhattan, Kansa,s to Independence, Kansas.

Grundfos pump owners in Kansas will now have a faster and more effective solution when it comes to maintenance and repairs.

“We chose C&B Equipment as a partner because of their industry-leading standards, vast knowledge of pumping systems and dedicated service and sales departments,” said Colin Cummings, district sales manager for Grundfos.

“We are excited to work with them to provide a more direct relationship to our customers in Central and Western Kansas.”

C&B Equipment will mostly sell Grundfos dosing pumps and stack pumps.

The dosing pumps meter chemicals in ethanol refineries and manufacturing facilities, which all have processes that require the use of exact amounts of additives.

The stack pumps are multistage centrifugal pumps that come in 13 hydraulic sizes and hundreds of pressure sizes to ensure an exact match for system demands in liquid transfer applications in industrial plants.

The direct distribution agreement between C&B Equipment and Grundfos has been in progress for four years.

Representatives from Grundfos have been training the C&B Equipment staff for the last three months in preparation for the development, ensuring staff have the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed.

“By signing a distribution agreement with Grundfos, the most exciting aspect for C&B Equipment is being able to offer Uptime Solutioneering for not only our current customers, but new customers who are already using Grundfos pumps,” said Dennis Noyes, president at C&B Equipment.

“We are committed to providing the best service by increasing mean time between failures with engineered solutions, saving customers from experiencing excessive downtime and repair costs.”