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Grundfos India releases new pump with aims to double market share

Grundfos Pumps India has launched a new product, the BMS hs AC high-speed booster pump, used for reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration applications in pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, and desalination industries. 

According to Grundfos Pumps India sales head Saravanan Panneer Selvam, the new pump ensures high efficiency and energy savings of up to 10-12%. 

The high-pressure booster pump market in the country is worth INR1.5 billion (€19.8bn), and with the new release Grundfos plans to double its share in this segment to 3% in 2016-17. 

"With increasing demand for sustainable and energy efficient pumps in the water treatment segment, our new pumps are specifically designed to improve efficiency for high flow and pressure applications," Selvam said.

In addition to increasing its market share, Grundfos also aims to double its sales during this year.