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Grundfos developments allow integration of pumps into fieldbus systems

The industry is increasingly focusing on new PLCs with integrated Industrial Ethernet interfaces, such as PROFINET IO, Modbus TCP or BACnet/IP, for a cost effective process automation. This allows continuous, automated processes, and thus a uniformly good product quality and higher process reliability. Pumps used here must be able to communicate in order to react accordingly to deviations from the desired state of the process control system, and to other control signals of the process.

In order to integrate its pumps in a fieldbus system, Grundfos has already for years used several fieldbus interfaces. These are available in two versions: as CIM (Communication Interface Module) - these add-on modules shall be directly inserted into the pump - and as CIU (Communication Interface Unit) - an external box with built-in 24-240 volt AC/DC power supply. For the Grundfos Smart Digital Dosing pump DDA, Grundfos has developed a base plate E-box which is directly mounted under the dosing pump.

Existing fieldbuses like Modbus RTU, PROFIBUS DP, LON and BACnet MS/TP are now often replaced or supplemented by a real-time Industrial Ethernet communication standard. In addition to the classic fieldbus protocols (for building automation, remote management in water utility or industrial processes) Grundfos therefore offers the CIM/CIU 500 interfaces which support the Industrial Ethernet bus protocols such as PROFINET IO, Modbus TCP and BACnet/IP.

The CIM 500 interface supports important Industrial Ethernet protocols to offer full onsite flexibility. Turning a rotary switch allows the user to select between PROFINET IO, Modbus TCP or BACnet/IP.

In the context of new PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) or SCADA systems with integrated PROFINET IO or Modbus TCP protocols the CIM500 interface provides:

- Direct communication with PLC, based on a standard Ethernet interface
- Optimal control of variable speed controlled Grundfos pumps
- Customer specific evaluation of warning or alarm information

PLC or SCADA system

- Monitoring of energy consumption, operation hours or amount of start/stop of the pumps
- Additional sensor values of the pumps are monitored
- Modular design; can also be retrofitted to older systems
- Only one module for different Ethernet based fieldbus systems.

With each CIM/CIU data communication interface Grundfos supplies a DVD containing all the necessary information, such as functional profiles, user manuals and support files to enable an easy integration into the PLC/SCADA system by the system integrator.

Grundfos CIM/CIU 500 Ethernet interfaces allow the coupling of a wide range of Grundfos pumps or controllers on the real-time Industrial Ethernet protocols - another component of the Grundfos iSolution concept. This holistic system approach for pump systems merges all components like pump hydraulic, speed controlled drive, sensors, controller and communication interfaces into an intelligent combined system.