Grundfos celebrates golden years with new CR pump

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Grundfos has launched its largest CR pump to celebrate 50 years of its pump technology business.
The new CR 255 model achieves maximum water flow at a game changing rate of 320 m3.
To celebrate the milestone of delivering 50 years of energy efficiency for industries worldwide, Grundfos released its latest CR 255 model, the company's largest vertical multistage inline pump to date.
These vertical multistage centrifugal inline pumps are used predominantly for water supply, water treatment and almost all industrial solutions – including those for high-pressure, hot, dangerous, flammable, and aggressive liquids. Since its inception, more than 3.5 million CR pumps now serve industries around the globe.
Industrial operations across different sectors, from semi-conductor manufacturing to food and beverage processing, can be water and energy-intensive.
Currently, industrial processes account for 19% of worldwide water consumption. With the need for a constant flow of large quantities of water, Grundfos CR range is an efficient way of handling the production process.
The new CR 255 model delivers water pressure of up to 400 m and achieves a maximum water flow of up to 320m3/h, the equivalent of supplying water to 9,500 people. For industrial processes such as water booster supply, similar large Grundfos CR pumps have demonstrated improved performance by up to 30% compared to regular pumps.

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