Grundfos and Baseform partnership to boost smart water digital services

Pumps and water solutions firm Grundfos and Baseform, an online software company for water utilities, have formalised a strategic partnership.
The Grundfos global value proposition is being scaled up to serve the water digital market with Grundfos Utility Analytics, an artificial intelligence, machine-learning utility management technology provided by Baseform.
The Grundfos Utility Analytics digital solution will allow utilities to better plan their network renewal investments (CAPEX), actively manage water losses or infiltration and inflow (I&I), and optimise their energy usage while enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness (OPEX).
As water utilities strive everyday to sustain high-quality water services to cities, globally an estimated 126 billion m3 of treated, pumped water is lost per year.
Kim Jensen, CMO group head of water utility at Grundfos, said: “Water networks are at a tipping point and this is a key moment to step up our comprehensive digital journey. The strategic partnership with Baseform will allow us to enhance our customers' service to the community and help them achieve their goals. Through such strategic partnerships, we aim to become a key player in the digital solutions and a valued service provider."
“Our simple goal is to provide the best analytics for the utility’s business outcomes, enhancing the individual human experience and judgement, and leveraging our ever-growing data pool. The partnership with Grundfos brings not only validation of our vision and technology, but a unique opportunity to share a common strategic path. It will help us realize our common goal of reaching out to every utility and city on the planet,” added Sergio Coelho, Baseform CEO and co-founder.

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