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Groundwater station successfully modernised with new pipes and filters

Northumbrian Water has completed the refurbishment of one of its groundwater stations as part of a £10.6 million (€11.5 million) project aimed at improving water quality and to protect the water supplies of 140,000 homes across Sunderland and South Tyneside.
The investment at the Fulwell groundwater station, which provides drinking water to Sunderland and the surrounding areas, has received an overhaul, after work started six months ago.
The modernisation of Northumbrian Water's site - involving the installation of new filters, pipework and more efficient pumping arrangements - was carried out without any interruption to customers' water supplies.
Northumbrian Water's project manager Paul Wood said: “We're delighted to deliver this investment in partnership with our delivery partner, Interserve Construction Limited, and for the refurbishment work to be completed - while keeping customers' water supplies flowing.
“The investment will not only bring water quality improvements and ensure resilient water supplies for generations to come - but it will also benefit the environment by improving the efficiency of water treatment methods.
"Some customers may notice a slight change to their water once the source of their supply is switched back to being supplied from our Fulwell site.
"Any noticeable change is normal, as the raw water we treat and supply comes from different sources - like rivers, reservoirs and groundwater stations - so it can vary in hardness, and may taste or smell a little different from area to area across the North East.
"The water we provide complies with the strict regulations expected of us and we pride ourselves on providing clear, great tasting tap water."