Grindex launches drainage pump for low water level applications

Grindex, an electrical submersible pumps manufacturer, has launched Grindex Milli, a low-suction pump built on Micro drainage pump.

The Micro and Milli share all the main components and functions for the wear parts.

Due to the addition of a non-return valve to the hydraulic parts to prevent a backflow, the Milli can pump down to a level as low as a few millimeters.

The Milli was designed to solve an issue with water in application areas which need to be pumped completely empty.

The new pump is aimed at applications in the construction business, for fire brigades, and for other incidental users where there is a need to pump basements empty.

As the other drainage pumps in the Grindex product portfolio, Milli also features the company’s patented air valve, enabling dry-running capability by switching to air cooling when no water is present.

When the valve closes, the seal against the lip-ring on the low suction bottom prevents water from flushing out and emptying the hose.

The non-return valve disc moves in a confined space, with the valve opening up when the pump is started and allowing water to pass through until the water is gone or until the pump is turned off.

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