Grindex introduces new compact heavy-duty drainage pump

Electrical submersible pump manufacturer Grindex has introduced the Maxi H-Lite drainage pump for heavy-duty applications.

The Maxi H-Lite, with a 25kW motor, is built on Grindex hydraulics and is filling a gap between the company’s Matador (18 kW) and Maxi (37kW) models.

The pump is fitted with a new redesigned and optimised top cover, including a new generation of cable entry that ensures that the junction chamber remains continuously free of water-ingress.

Available with an open impeller, in either Hard Iron or in stainless steel, the Maxi H-Lite weighs less and is of a slimmer design than its Maxi brother.

The hydraulic part is updated with an adjustment sleeve used in Grindex’ Minex and Matador ranges, which offers a way to readjust impeller-suction-cover-clearance to regain performance after wear.

The pump is suitable for confined spaces and with the reduced weight the pump reduces maintenance, installation, and life cycle costs.

Grindex is also bringing similar updates for the Maxi H, Maxi N, and Maxi L in the same product family.

The company says the Maxi H pump will be released with a lighter and more compact design featuring the wear-adjustment introduced to the H-Lite pumps.

The Maxi H, Maxi N, and Maxi L will also be available with (semi-)open impellers in either Hard Iron or stainless steel. 

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