Grindex cures dewatering headaches with new stainless steel pump

Global electrical submersible pump manufacturer Grindex is launching the Grindex Mega Inox, a 90kW and 134Hp pump manufactured completely in stainless steel.

The pump is built on Grindex’ cast iron Mega pump platform and represents at the same time an extension of the current completely stainless steel Inox pump range.

Dewatering applications’ worst challenge is the combination of a corrosive environment and contaminated water with abrasive solids and tough handling due to the temporary nature of the installation.

A protective coating will only protect the pump until the first scratch, according to the company.

The Grindex Inox range approaches this issue by having dewatering pumps made completely in stainless steel.

The 90kW Mega Inox will considerably enhance the present range of Inox pumps, available in 2 to 8kW, Grindex believes.

The pump is suitable for applications with pH 2-10 and with abrasive particles in a typically demanding dewatering situation.

The stainless steel hydraulic wet end has proven itself over the years as an option that could be added to the standard cast iron Mega pump, but this latest expansion now also offers the stator housing in stainless steel.

“When we´re out in the field and visiting customers that for many years make due with less than perfect coated solutions, we anticipate that the new Mega Inox will solve a lot of their headache applications,” said Peter Uvemo, regional manager at Grindex. 

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