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Greyline releases latest Doppler flowmeter

Greyline's new flowmeter measures flow from outside a pipe, employing the latest technology in Doppler signal processing, for applications in the industrial, municipal and oil and gas sectors, to name a few.

The DFM 5.1 Doppler clamp-on ultrasonic sensor mounts on any pipe ½" in diameter or larger and is designed for 'difficult' liquids like wastewater, sludge, slurries, abrasives or any liquid with bubbles or suspended solids.

Calibration and start-up is simple with the built-in 5-button keypad. Standard features include a large, backlit display and totaliser, isolated 4-20mA output and 6 control relays.

Options include a built-in data logger and reporting system with USB output, Windows software and intrinsically safe sensor.