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Green light for new UK gas pipeline

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Flogas Britain has announce that planning permission to construct a gas pipeline from Bristol Port into the nation’s largest above-ground LPG storage terminal has been granted.
The new pipeline, starting at the historic port to Avonmouth, will enable the transfer of bio-LPG, a fully renewable green gas alternative, at a new state-of-the-art unloading facility.
The company said it has worked to ensure minimal impact on the local environment, and it said they were pleased that the new pipeline would largely follow existing pipeline routes through predominantly industrial areas.
As part of Flogas’s commitment to meet net-zero targets and securing a low-carbon future, work is already underway to convert Avonmouth into an LPG and bio-LPG storage facility.
This means Flogas is now well-placed to start talking to prospective partners from across the supply chain who want to join the company in this venture to help to further future-proof Britain’s supply of low-carbon off-grid fuels.