Green hydrogen plan for Australian power stations

Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) and AGL Energy (AGL) have agreed to undertake a feasibility study to repurpose infrastructure at coal-fired power stations to generate green hydrogen from water.
The announcement reinforces Australia’s potential to become a global green hydrogen superpower.
The Liddell and Bayswater power stations currently account for over 40% of New South Wales’ carbon dioxide emissions, according to 2019 National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting data.
Successful repurposing of these sites will supercharge NSW to meet its target of halving its emissions by 2030, and prove the role of green hydrogen in decarbonising and demethaning energy and industry here in Australia.
FFI founder and chair Dr Andrew Forrest said, “FFI’s goal is to turn regional Australia into the global green energy heartland and create thousands of jobs now and so many more in the future.
“Repurposing existing fossil fuel infrastructure with forward looking companies like AGL to create green hydrogen to help power the world, is the solution we have been looking for.”



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