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Great Plains Industries releases new compact scaled pulse meter

Great Plains Industries (GPI) has released its new Flomec 02 scaled pulse meter.

Kevin Symens, GPI’s meter division North American sales manager, says the company is adding the scaled pulse output option to its economy series flowmeter line based in market needs.

The new meter line is compact and lightweight for applications in mobile installations or within confined spaces.

The Flomec branded 02N and 02A meters will carry the same specifications as the GPI 01N and 01A and include a pair of output wires to provide a single pulse for every gallon or litre measured.

GPI says the 02 meter products offer versatility to a wider variety of applications including irrigation, building automation (chillers), programmable logic controller (batch control), wireless communications, data logger, and OEM skids.

The 01 meter products remain available for applications requiring a display with no output. 

The 02A model will not carry the FM Global approval, but all other features will remain the same.