Grease sludge cannot halt powerful Borger pump

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A submerged Börger rotary lobe pump has put a UK Midlands wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) back on course with what was a troublesome grease-sludge-basin application.
Previously, the WWTP was incurring unsatisfactory amounts of additional, complex maintenance and downtime, because its centrifugal pump couldn’t cope with the total solids content.
When attempting to pump sludge from a grease-sludge-basin into a storage shaft (from which a second pump fed a digestion tower), the centrifugal pump was all too regularly becoming blocked.
In addition to making significant savings on maintenance, the WWTP also no longer requires a storage shaft and a second pump.
The Börger rotary lobe pump has more than sufficient power and stability to consistently convey the viscous grease sludge from the grease-sludge-basin, directly into the digestion tower.
Since its installation, the Börger rotary lobe pump has not suffered any blockages or failures, despite the challenging high total solids contents of the pumped medium.

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