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Grease balls gone as new pumps get to work

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Situated approximately halfway between two of the US’s largest cities, Madisonville, with a population 4,396, might not deal with the same huge volumes of wastewater that are treated in Dallas and Houston.
However, for its highly dedicated team, there is never any let up in their commitment to their city’s treatment plant.
The people of Madisonville depend on them. Tucked away from Interstate 45, these unsung heroes have been very proactive in ensuring that the city’s 450,000 gallons per day of wastewater it treats is done so with the utmost efficiency.
Most local restaurants in Madisonville now have their own grease traps, which are regularly inspected.
However, grease still somehow finds its way through the 11 lift stations around the city to the plant.
Following its flow through the plant’s screens, clarifiers and contact basin, final discharge goes into the town creek, which flows south-west to the city of Bedias, then out into the Trinity River.
Frustrated with the ever-increasing frequency of having to cope with grease and frequently de-rag the duty pumps, the plant decided that...

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