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Graco unveils electric pump for high pressures applications

Graco, a manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, has unveiled its electric supply pump for high pressure applications.

The E-Flo DC pump features an energy efficient electric brushless DC motor that stalls under pressure and changes speeds to maintain constant fluid pressure, similar to a pneumatic air motor.

Suited for high-pressure applications such as waterborne spraying or moving high viscosity materials, the pump is designed to operate by maintaining either constant pressure or a constant flow rate. In addition, it operates more than 20dB quieter than OSHA's continuous sound threshold for an eight hour work day.

To protect the pumps from premature wear, the E-Flo line was developed with an integrated runaway protection system that is standard on all models. This safety system means the pump automatically shuts off if the flow rate exceeds a targeted maximum value, preventing costly material loss and reducing maintenance requirements.

The pump has a small footprint is designed to be easy to operate and install, requiring single-phase 220 volt, 50/60 Hz power with no Variable Frequency Drive required.