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Graco launches redesigned sealed four-ball lower for circulation pumps

US-based liquid handling equipment manufacturer Graco has released a new sealed four-ball lower, compatible with all Graco circulation pumps.

The model has longer maintenance cycles and does not require throat seal liquid (TSL), which reduces maintenance costs and unplanned downtime.

Common components also make the lower simpler to maintain and reduce inventory levels on repair parts.

“In industries where unplanned downtime can be extremely costly, our new sealed four-ball lower reduces the need for routine maintenance,” said Bill Heuer, Graco’s industrial products division’s worldwide product marketing manager.

“This combination of longer maintenance cycles, no TSL, and common components takes away the threat of downtime and keeps the system operating longer.”

The lower is completely sealed, so it can be used for every pumping application in a mix room, including catalysed coatings.

It also contains the additional security of a backup seal in case of bellow leakage.

“The completely sealed fluid section with bellows provides leak resistance for even the harshest materials,” said Heuer.

In addition, the lower features Ultralife series ceramic coating on its rods and cylinders.

According to Heuer, the Ultralife Series ceramic coating is an industry standard for handling harsh materials, including waterborne paints.

The sealed four-ball lower is available on all of Graco’s circulation pump assemblies and is compatible with the Bulldog, NXT, President, Viscount, E-Flo, and E-Flo DC circulation pumps.

An open wet cup version is also available, which has many of the same features as the sealed version.