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Graco introduces new ToughTek fireproofing pumps

Fluid handling equipment manufacturer Graco has introduced its ToughTek fireproofing pumps for low, medium and high-density sprayed fire resistive materials (SFRMs).

The pumps use piston pump technology capable of applying cementitious fireproofing materials through long hose lengths and delivering them with a smooth, steady flow. They are ideal for cementitious fireproofing projects in commercial and industrial construction, onshore oil and gas, and chemical processing facilities.

'Because of their durability and high-pressure piston pump design, ToughTek pumps allow fireproofing contractors to spend more time spraying and less time moving equipment around the job site,' explains John Lihwa, Graco product manager.

ToughTek pumps offer variable speed controls so a contractor can dial in the exact flow rate needed, from low to high volume output. Utilising proprietary Graco technologies, the piston pumps stand up to abrasive fireproofing materials to minimise maintenance downtime and reduce wear part expenses.

They are available in two models. The compact ToughTek F340e portable fireproofing pump plugs into a standard wall outlet, fits in an elevator, supports hose lengths of more than 100ft, comes with a 20-gallon hopper, and offers outputs up to 20 bags per hour. The mid-size ToughTek F680e operates on 230V power, supports hose lengths of more than 300ft, comes with a 30-gallon hopper, and offers output volumes up to 30 bags per hour.