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Graco adds overfilling prevention features to its Electric Dyna-Star pump

US fluid handling equipment manufacturer Graco has added a combined auto-fill shut-off feature with an integrated low-level sensor to its Electric Dyna-Star pump.

The new pump provides a safer, more streamlined refilling operation that reduces the potential for grease contamination and downtime, the company says.

Contamination in automatic lubrication systems can degrade performance of the components and lead to shortened service life, and in most cases contamination is introduced when the lubricant pump is being refilled.

The Electric Dyna-Star pump reduces the chance of contamination by reducing how often the pump is refilled and improving the method used to refill the pump.

The integrated low-level sensor automatically alerts the operator when lubricant is low, leading to the pump only being refilled when it is needed.

In addition, the pump features a mechanical auto-fill shut-off, which allows operators to safely refill the pump with the machine off, reducing overfilling or spilling.

All of these features operate without the need of a follower plate, which according to Graco’s lubrication equipment division global product marketing manager Dan Jensen is often required in modern automatic lubrication systems.

“In high-vibration, yellow-iron environments, these follower plates often get stuck and add additional maintenance and frustration for the operators,” Jensen said.