Golden years – METRUS celebrates 50 years in the business

METRUS has been celebrating its golden anniversary this year.
The company was founded by Lothar Seer in 1970 as LS-Mechanic and has produced more than 2,000 valve test benches, serving customers in over 80 countries.
While working as an employee of Sempell, engineer Seer was in charge of developing test benches for the valve manufacturers’ production.
Inspired by his work and seeing a demand for test benches within the valve-producing industry, he decided to start his own company specialising in the design and production of test benches for all types of valves.

The test benches range from small, mobile test benches weighing 50kg up to large production test benches - weighting 50 tonnes.
METRUS consults with the individual customer for their specific testing needs, which has resulted in 95% of the produced test benches to be individually tailored.
A company spokesman said: “It is a duty to deliver outstanding products of quality and durability.  Some of the early test benches are in use for more than 40 years – quality, that speaks for itself. “Quality and the commitment to support have always been METRUS's core values. They did and always will – above all – create customers satisfaction.”

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