GoConnect monitoring extends lifetime of pumps and mixers

Fluid Motion Solutions’ new Max digital ecosystem significantly extends the lifetime of equipment such as pumps and mixers.
The system is compatible with any primary rotating equipment or assets in a wide variety of industries and processes.
It helps to increase maintenance awareness of the asset’s health and performance - reducing maintenance costs and unplanned downtime.
Hosted on Max software, Fluid Motion Solutions’ GoConnect real-time condition monitoring application seamlessly connects office and field personnel, allowing data to be captured, aggregated, visualised and analysed in real-time; both on the Edge and in the Cloud to improve operational efficiency.
With data-driven insights into equipment condition, health, and performance, GoConnect’s user-friendly interface provides access – anytime, anywhere – to current and historical data – allowing real-time decisions to be made; based on one version of the truth.
GoConnect can be user-customised and alert-configured to capture vibration, temperature and pressure to digitally monitor otherwise unidentifiable performance issues.
Concerns such as motor performance, premature seal wear or bearing fatigue from high output slugging during start-up can be identified.
Service specialists from Fluid Motion Solutions can pinpoint unique signatures within trending data to discover problems such as a pump’s intermittent cavitation due to its suction plumbing configuration. This knowledge can then be applied to set up for future ‘early indication’ and alerting, before the condition impacts the asset’s health.
Fluid Motion Solutions’ GoConnect has a dashboard landing view that provides a first-look into any monitored asset. Data access can be organised by category to give rapid access to personalized overview, energy consumption, or sensor readings. The dashboard view allows for rapid drill-down capability, which enables quick assessment to the root cause of the problem.

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