Global lubricants manufacturer chooses new Borger pump

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A new jet-mixing pump system has significantly reduced capital, installation, maintenance and energy costs at Moove - a leading global lubricants manufacturer and distributor in the UK.
For a closed-top 50m3 tank used in the manufacturing process of quality lubricating, engine, hydraulic and gear oils, Moove wanted to trial a set-up that would not only be better economically, but also provide more redundancy.
Ian Lowe, Moove’s manufacturing general manager, said: “A motor failure on a blender could mean as much as four days impact on production, so it was important for us to take the opportunity to prove a different technology.”
He added: “The performance of our existing paddle mixers has been good, but Borger were recommended as a company that would work with us to provide a better option; one that could be easily replicated.”
The team at Moove drew up a logic for Borger to examine, outlining their objectives, which ultimately resulted in a pump (plus two nozzles), for a 3-bar application with a flow-rate of up to 60m3/hr.
To meet the space requirement at the Gravesend site in Kent, Borger also provided the system as a skid-mounted unit, working closely with Moove to supply a customised control panel with a specially written program.
“The fact that Borger were able to deliver a complete, all-in-one package was a real bonus,” he added.
“It was also a big advantage to go to Borger for a site test, running different configurations to determine the best operating modes for us. This clearly worked very well, because apart from one very minor tweak, we haven’t had to make any changes since the pump was installed.
He said: “With a 9kW motor (compared to 12kW for the paddle mixers), we are automatically saving on energy, but one of the other main benefits is that the Borger equipment is so simple to look after. There’s easy access to the pump-head, and no special tools required. Retrofit to an existing tank is also very straightforward.
“We’re very pleased with solutions provided by Borger that allowed us to achieve the goals of our project.”

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