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GIW Industries launches world’s largest slurry pump for oil sands operations

Slurry pumps manufacturer GIW Industries has launched the GIW TBC-92 slurry pump for operations in oil sands.

Named for its 92-inch impeller, the pump is the largest and heaviest slurry pump available in the mining industry.

GIW now has pumps in service at all operating Canadian oil sands hydrotransport applications. The TBC-92 is designed to tackle heavy-duty slurry transport, while providing a low total cost of ownership.

“This pump incorporates lessons learned over the years from operating in the oil sands, and features our latest hydraulic and wear technologies,” said GIW business development manager Mollie Timmerman. “Because this is the heaviest TBC pump we have ever designed, particular attention was given to maintainability, as well as material selection and construction of the pressure-containing components.”

The design of the TBC-92 incorporates many elements from the TBC-84, also known as the ‘Super Pump’, and adds features from GIW’s MDX product line, which is used in heavy-duty mining circuits in hard rock mining.

“The client needed a higher-capacity pump than was currently available on the market, the TBC-92 pump is the best solution for maximised production,” added Timmerman.

The new slurry pump weighs around 209,000 lbs, equivalent to a fully-loaded Airbus A321 airplane, with a casing that weighs 34,000 lbs alone. For ease of maintenance, customers receive custom lifting devices to facilitate safe removal and installation of wear components.

The pump also features a long-lasting suction liner that can be adjusted without needing to shut down the pump.

With a focus on the customer, after installation customers will enjoy the services of dedicated site account managers, who will work closely with them throughout the start-up process. This commitment to customer support extends into maintenance planning, parts stocking, system analysis and training.