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GF Piping Systems releases new digital solid state actuators

GF Piping Systems has introduced the new, completely digital electric actuator series Type EA25-250 with all solid state electronics and powerful functionality.

The actuators feature limit switches, optical position indicator with LED status monitoring, and middle position as part of the standard package.

"With functions like limit switches and LED indication included as standard, and all of them digitally controlled, customers will really appreciate the ease in set-up and operation," said Jeffrey Sixsmith, product manager for valves and actuation at GF Piping Systems.

Featuring complete modularity, the new actuators can automate a wide range of ball and butterfly valves in applications such as chemical processing, water treatment, and refrigeration.

Designed specifically to operate valves with a rotating angle from 90° to 180°, the new EA Series delivers nominal torques ranging from 10 to 100Nm and peak torques ranging from 25 to250 Nm.

A clear display with LED indicators enables fast and easy reading of valve position and actuator status at a glance – whether in low light conditions or from a distance.

Other key actuator functions included in the standard package are choice of internally powered or externally powered fail-safe return, seven-segment error code display, programmable middle position, three position feedback, an internal heating element to prevent condensation, and chemically resistant polyproplyene housing.

Additionally, a variety of smart accessories can be easily added for even further automation possibilities.

With the EA25-250 design, it is easy for operators to migrate from mechanical to digital control with a simple drop-in-replacement.