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Gems Sensors re-engineers flow sensor range for improved performance

Gems Sensors' new generation of RotorFlow sensors, the RF-2500 Series, has been totally re-engineered with a one piece composite rotor, stronger unibody construction, ceramic shaft and better sealing.

The new designs are intended for greater durability with broader chemical, temperature and pressure capabilities.

Switch types

RotorFlow RFS type stitches are designed for specific flow setpoint switching,. Setpoints are fully adjustable over the specified flow range. The dynamic operation of the rotor guards against jamming and false actuation.

Output types

For flow rate monitoring or metering applications. RotorFlow RFO Type sensors provide a pulsed DC voltage output that is proportional to the rate of flow. The operating range of 4.5 to 24 VDC pulsed output is easily integrated into most digital logic units. RFA Type RotorFlow sensors provide a continuous 0-10 VDC analogue output.

Indicator types

RotorFlow RFI indicators' orange spinning rotor provides visual flow confirmation at a glance.