GEMÜ releases limit switch box for quarter turn valves

Valve specialist GEMÜ has announced the launch of electrical position indicators for manually and pneumatically operated quarter turn valves.

In order to automate process plants, GEMÜ’s limit switch box detects the valve position of quarter turn valves, signalled by an optical indication and transmitted to the plant control system.

The position indicator can be attached to all quarter turn valves, including butterfly or ball valves, with a VDI/VDE 3845 standard interface.

In addition to simple micro switches, the GEMÜ limit switch is available with two-wire or three-wire proximity switches.

It has protection class IP 67 and is suitable for explosion-proof areas according to ATEX and IECEX. The switch limit box has also been checked to ensure reliability of safety functions and has SIL approval.

There is an option for a 3D optical position indicator or open/closed LED display, while a variety of electrical connections are also available.

With the addition of the limit switch box, GEMÜ has expanded its range of electrical position indicators for quarter turn valves, enabling their integration and control in automated plants.

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