Gemü introduces smallest yet iComLine miniature valve

The new and, at the same time, smallest of the five actuator sizes of the Gemü iComLine is setting standards in the area of miniature valve designs.

This valve size offers a flow capability of 2l/min, whilst the height of the pneumatic actuator is scarcely larger than the diameter of a €2 coin.

The small area of 20x20mm is setting new standards in the area of ultra pure pneumatic valves.

Developed primarily for customers from the chemical and semiconductor industries, the Gemü iComLine product line can now cover a wide range of uses.

With a focus on process equipment, in addition to providing a compact design and high resistance to media, the iComLine series also makes it possible to use valves as a multi-functional unit in the form of a multi-port valve block.

Various actuator and connection options, as well as a corresponding range of accessories, are also available.

These options, coupled with the performance capability of the valves, open up numerous new areas of use in semiconductor production, laboratory and process analytics, as well as in the manufacturing of energy storage systems.

The visual design and necessary operating parameters are identical to all other valves in the Gemü iComLine series.

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