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GEA acquires leading hygienic pump supplier

GEA has acquired Hilge, a leading supplier of hygienic pumps, especially stainless steel pumps for food and beverage applications.

The acquired company is based at Bodenheim, Germany and generated revenues of more than €35 million in 2014 with about 150 employees.

The transaction remains subject to approval by the anti-trust authorities.

‘With the acquisition of Hilge, we continue implementing our M&A strategy to fill technological gaps by acquiring accretive specialist companies which complement our product portfolio’, says GEA CEO Juerg Oleas.

‘Hilge has been a part of the Grundfos Group since 2004. Nevertheless, the increased focus for Grundfos on core business has led to the conclusion that the sanitary business is not a strategic focus area. GEA is a strong strategic fit for Hilge with strong synergies expected given GEA’s focus on the processing industry, including food and beverage. Everyone wins! GEA expands in its focus area, Grundfos concentrates on its core business, and Hilge joins an organization where it will play a strong strategic role,’ says executive vice president Lars Aagaard, head of business development of Grundfos.