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GBT signs contract for deployment of wastewater treatment technology in US

JDV Equipment has signed an exclusive technology licensing agreement with Global Biofuels Technology (GBT) to deploy its patented process mixing wastewater treatment technology on an exclusive basis in North America.

Based in Dover, New Jersey, JDV Equipment designs, manufactures and services water and wastewater treatment equipment.

A key process in treating wastewater is anaerobic digestion (AD) with proper mixing being essential to this process. AD is also a proven method for providing renewable energy, allowing facilities and communities to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, offset energy costs as well as the potential to become a net-zero consumer of energy. The process involves microorganisms feeding on organic matter, such as wastewater sludge, animal manure and food wastes. The volume of waste is not only reduced, but a by-product of this naturally occurring process is the gas methane (CH4). The methane can be used as a fuel to generate electricity and heat. It also can be used to fuel vehicles and added to natural gas pipelines as renewable fuel.

'With the acquisition of this technology...JDV is now in a better position to provide treatment plant owners and designers with increased options to meet their unique specification and budget requirements,' says Bob Abbott, president of JDV Equipment.

Abbott adds, 'GBT's technology will allow JDV to solve mixing challenges in a broader set of applications such as CSO applications, biosolids holding ponds, aeration and EQ tanks, and provide customers with a proven technology with expert support.'

Mixing solutions are not only effective in anaerobic applications, but they also provide the required oxygen transfer and/or material contact needs for AD, biosolids storage and other municipal, industrial and agricultural applications. Additionally, mixing contributes to odour control while preventing solids from settling, helping improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the application's process.