Gazprom meet with CNPC about Power of Siberia pipeline

Global energy company Gazprom has announced that it has had a meeting with Wang Yilin, chairman of the board of directors of CNPC, to discuss the ongoing preparations of gas supplies to China via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline.

Alexey Millar, Gazprom’s chairman of the company’s management committee met with Yilin and discussed a range of issues related to cooperation between the two companies focusing on the ongoing preparations for the start of gas supplies to China.   

Gazprom’s press release states that particular attention was paid to planning the delivery of Russian gas to China from the Far East and via the western route. During the meeting, it was noted that in 2018 China became the world’s largest natural gas importer. Its imported totalled 125.7 billion cubic meters, a 31% increase from 2017.

Millar said, “Construction of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline is going ahead of schedule, and Gazprom will start delivering gas to China well in advance, as early as December 1, 2019.”

Yilin and Millar also discussed their companies’ collaboration in the gas-fired power generation industry, the use of natural gas as vehicle fuel, underground gas storage as well as science and culture.

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