Gazprom gas supplies to Europe show decline

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Natural gas supplies to Europe by Russian energy giant Gazprom were down 6.7% in the first half of November from their levels last month.
The calculations, based on data from European gas transmission group Entsog and Gazprom's daily reports on gas transit via Ukraine, showed that average daily pipeline exports of Russian gas to Europe declined to 82.5 million cubic metres (mcm) in the first half of the month from 88.4 mcm in October.
Total Gazprom supplies to the European Union from November 1-15 via the Turkish Stream and Ukraine reached some 1.2 billion cubic metres (bcm). For the whole of October, exports stood at 2.74 bcm.
Gazprom's natural gas exports to Europe year-to-date have reached around 24.4 bcm.
If supplies remain around the current rate until the end of the year, the figure for the whole of this year could fall by more than half to 28-29 bcm from 62 bcm in 2022, Reuters reported.

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