Gas pipelines and oil terminals targeted in Ukraine

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Russia has targeted fuel facilities in Ukraine as fighting in the country intensified.
Huge explosions have lit up the sky in the capital Kyiv and an oil depot near an airbase in Vasylkiv, near Kyiv, was targeted by Russian forces.
It has also been reported that Russian forces blew up a gas pipeline in Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest city.
President Vladimir Putin has pledged that Russia would continue to deliver uninterrupted supplies of gas to world markets amid the escalating crisis in the eastern European country.
Putin said supplies of gas would not be halted as the US and its European allies were poised to announce fresh sanctions against Moscow after it recognised two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine.
Reuters reported that natural gas flowed east in reverse mode through the Yamal-Europe pipeline on February 21.
The pipeline between Poland and Germany usually accounts for about 15% of Russia's westbound supply of gas to Europe and Turkey, but since December has been operating in reverse, driving European gas price rises.

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