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Gas from waste to feed into UK’s National Grid

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Kent County Council in the UK has announced all food waste in the county will be recycled and turned into biogas.
Around 45,000 tonnes of food waste collected annually from local households will be turned into the gas through a new anaerobic digester at Blaise Farm Quarry.
The biogas will be fed directly into the National Grid as well as powering the plant itself and creating fertiliser.
Kent’s cabinet member for the environment, Susan Carey, said: “It’s great news that the new plant at Blaise Farm will help us reduce both costs and carbon emissions by recycling our household food waste here in Kent.
“We expect around 5 million cubic metres of gas will be created alongside 5.2 million kWh of electricity, enough to power around 3,600 homes.
“As well as recycling today’s level of food waste, the new anaerobic digester has the capacity to transform waste into energy from all the expected growth in households in Kent in the foreseeable future.”
Carey said it is sometimes asked whether it is worth separating food from general waste, and the answer is a “resounding yes”.
“Biogas produced here in Kent really does help us meet our target for net-zero carbon emissions for Kent,” she said. “We’re also supporting local employment and economic growth in the county so please keep separating your food waste from general waste.”
Ten of Kent’s 12 districts already collect food waste separately and the UK Government’s Environment Bill will require all councils to do so by 2023.