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Gardner Denver Thomas releases damper for specialist applications

A special standard damper has been developed by Gardner Denver Thomas to offer a solution for portable and stationary devices for medical, analytical and other applications that require an extremely low sound and low vibration level of all functional parts.

In the past individual adaptions have been created by customers in cooperation with the component manufacturers.

The zero vibration damper consists of a standard kit including the mounting plate, shock mounts and assembly screws. By mounting the pump on the damper unit and then to the OEM's device the vibration transmitted from the pump to the end unit is greatly reduced. Hereby, the overall sound level is attenuated as well. The design enables a reduction of vibrations in all levels and the startup torques can also be balanced. The customer has to consider just two fixing points which enables a simple integration of the new module pump-damper. Positions possible are hanging or standing.

All tooled parts have been qualified in order to guarantee the fatigue resistance of all parts and have successfully completed a drop test.

The damper is available in three sizes and specifically designed to fit existing and upcoming Thomas product lines including different motor options.

The solution is suitable for various applications including patient monitoring systems, chemical and clinical analysers, printing systems and more.