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Gardner Denver sells six Thunder pumps in October

Gardner Denver, a US industrial equipment company, sold six of its Thunder Series pumps in October, the company’s petroleum and industrial pumps (P&IP) division reports.

The company continues to see a strong interest from service companies who are looking to reduce their total cost of ownership.

The company initially introduced the Thunder Series pumps to the market at the Offshore Technology Conference in May, and field tests have since proven that the Thunder Series pumps provides high performance with a long service life. 

“The Thunder Series delivers what our customers are asking for – increased flow and reduced maintenance costs,” said Larry Kerr, VP and general manager for the Gardner Denver PI&P division.

“Thunder joins a proud legacy and is already making an impact. In fact, field test results have exceeded even our own high expectations.” 

The Thunder series incorporates Gardner Denver PI&P’s most popular performance-enhancing features, including: 

  • 11” stroke length that reduces consumable cost by at least 10% and allows the service contractor to achieve comparable results with fewer frac units on site
  • New fluid-end technology with improved geometry that lasts two to three times longer than other models, according to the company 
  • 24/7 after market service support, anytime anywhere necessary 
  • Available in 2,550 BHP Triplex and 3,000 BHP Max Duty Quintuplex rated for continuous duty 
  • A heavy-duty, modular power end design that limits downtime with a  synchronised maintenance schedule for the entire unit, including engine and transmission