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New Hammerless Frac Suction Cover Retainer for safer pumping operations

The new device
The new device
Gardner Denver High Pressure Solutions has launched its new Hammerless Frac Suction Cover Retainer to improve health and safety.
The global provider of high-pressure pumps, parts and services said the new device has been designed for applications up to 17,850 psi and added that it holds a pump’s valve cover in place during pumping operations.
Traditionally, valve cover retainers are installed and tightened with a sledgehammer, which risks injury to workers.
The Hammerless Frac Suction Cover Retainer allows for the installation and loading of the joint without the use of hammers. This is accomplished by the creation of push-off force via six jackscrews, which are torqued to generate joint closure force.
Chris Degginger, director of engineering, Gardner Denver HPS, said: “The Hammerless Frac Suction Cover Retainer has the ability to generate far more joint closure force than a normal, hammer-style retainer. This helps prevent loosening when pumping at high pressures and improves safety for onsite personnel.
“The high preload generated by our Hammerless Frac Suction Cover Retainer also increases the fatigue life of the fluid end threads, boosting productivity and reliability for the user.”
Tony McLain, vice president of sales, Gardner Denver HPS, added: “Every year, there are thousands of workplace injuries associated with the use of sledgehammers in the oilfield. It is, therefore, increasingly important that oil and gas exploration and production companies find new ways to help meet their ever-more stringent safety targets and requirements.
“As always, Gardner Denver is committed to improving safety for oilfield workers, and our new Hammerless Frac Suction Cover Retainer is yet another example of the type of product we develop to support us with this mission.”
The new device