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FVB expands portfolio to include pipe networks

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FVB which focuses on water purification and water supply, plants and pumps is now expanding its expertise to include pipe networks.
FVB primarily works in the district heating and district cooling sector, but has also worked in the water and sewage industry for many years.
This primarily involves investigations, design of wastewater treatment plants, improving energy efficiency, and the control and monitoring of plants.
“Now we’re broadening our scope to also work with water and sewage systems. We have long and extensive experience with management issues in district heating, district cooling and gas,” said Gustav Myhrman, who will lead the development work.
“Working with water and sewage systems is a natural step for us, and we can help municipalities that need to upgrade their existing water and sewage pipelines or build new pipe systems.”
Myhrman started at FVB, a Swedish company, in October and will be managing FVB’s investments in water and sewage. He will also work with project management in water and sewage as well as stormwater treatment.
He added: “For the past three years, I have been a project manager for a new wetland park in Västerås, which was part of an EU project. It was recently inaugurated and was a really exciting project that received a lot of attention.” FVB conducts preliminary studies on the need for water and sewage networks, designs the system, and prepares technical specifications for procurement of contractors.
There is also an enormous need to upgrade and expand the existing water and sewage system. Major parts of the current system were built in the 1960s and 1970s and were built for the needs that existed at the time.
Now the cities are more densely constructed for a larger population and there are also fewer green areas to absorb and retain rain and melt water.