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Funds available to aid US wastewater systems

An aerial view of a wastewater plant
An aerial view of a wastewater plant
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the availability of $17.7 million (€14.6 million) in grant funding for technical assistance and training providers to support wastewater systems that are located in rural communities.
EPA’s funding will improve public health and environmental protection by helping to ensure that drinking water in these communities is safe and that wastewater is treated before it is responsibly returned to the environment.
“One of EPA’s top priorities is ensuring that Americans have safe drinking water, regardless of their zip code,” said EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler. “The Trump Administration is helping small water systems — especially those in rural areas — get the training and technical assistance they need to support their communities.”
Small water systems often face unique financial and operational challenges including aging infrastructure, workforce shortages, increasing costs, and declining rate bases.
EPA’s grant funding will be used by non-profit organisations to provide training and technical assistance to small public water systems, small wastewater systems and private well owners across the country.
Funding will help small systems achieve and maintain compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act and improve operational performance. It will also help inform private drinking water well owners about strategies to continue protecting their drinking water supply.
An aerial view of a wastewater plant