Funding boost for ‘green hydrogen’ technologies

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US President Joe Biden’s landmark investment in hydrogen infrastructure bill has been approved.
While only half the size of what was initially intended, the new $8 billion (€6.9 billion) funding for the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations will form a key part of the nation’s decarbonisation efforts.
Rami Reshef, CEO at GenCell, said this was a positive step forward to realising ‘green hydrogen’ technologies and increasing access to reliable, sustainable power to sectors across the country.
He said: “The passing of the Infrastructure Bill provides a much-needed injection of funding towards the technology and infrastructure required to lower carbon emissions across the US. This will help create new jobs and help build up the sustainable energy sector.
“One crucial element of the United States' renewable energy storage infrastructure must be geared towards creating a green hydrogen economy. This has become a focus for countries and companies across the globe that want to enable decarbonisation across industry sectors.”
He added: “If the US wants to create a healthy and cost-effective hydrogen economy, it needs to overcome the complex and costly transport and storage challenges presented by hydrogen today. One of the most effective methods for hydrogen storage is via green ammonia, which can be safely and easily handled, transported and stored.
“Ammonia also has high energy density, six times higher than storing hydrogen as itself, and can be created from renewable energy produced from solar or wind.
“Innovative technologies for producing green ammonia, from which hydrogen can be easily extracted as a source of clean energy, can contribute great value to the US’ ‘hydrogen revolution’ and should become a key part of this new infrastructure investment.”

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