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Fulcrum wins water and gas infrastructure project

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Fulcrum has been awarded a new £4.9 million (€5.8 million) multi-utility infrastructure contract by a large investor developer.
A part of the contract, the group will design and install new water and gas infrastructure to energise and power the new development in the West Midlands.
The multi-utility infrastructure will be delivered by Fulcrum over 14 months and will serve the first phase of the project.
The utility infrastructure has been designed with the capacity and flexibility to support the future stages of the development as it grows to welcome more occupiers.
A voltage substation will also support the use of innovative energy saving measures, such as smart grid technology, which will be used throughout the development.
Once installed, the electricity and gas infrastructure will be adopted by ESP under its existing asset adoption agreement with Fulcrum.
“We’re delighted to be playing such a crucial role in this major new development. This is a significant project that is helping to set the standard for future industrial and commercial developments, and we’ve worked closely with our client to design a complete and future proofed multi-utility solution,” said Terry Dugdale, Fulcrum’s CEO.