Fugitive emission control unit enhances safety at chemical, gas processing plants

Texas, US-based Analytical Systems Keco has introduced a fugitive emission control unit to help eliminate harmful emissions from analysers and gas chromatography (GC) vents at chemical and gas processing plants.

By using the units, operators can meet environmental compliance, while avoiding the need for gas flaring associated with air contamination.

Through a catalytic combustion process, the unit oxidises the vented sample, converting hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water vapour, while maintaining a stable outlet vent pressure.

This process avoids back-pressure on analyser vents, which have the potential to disrupt readings of analytical instrumentation. By using a continuous heat source, the unit maintains an oxidation process that is effective on 99% of fugitive emissions.

The emission controller is constructed of stainless steel, aluminium and a platinum catalyst. With a compact package size of just 19-inches high and a 3-inch diameter and weighing less than 10 pounds, the unit easily connects to analysers and GC vents, even where space is limited.

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