Union members go on strike at UK refinery

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GMB members who work as engineers at the Fawley oil refinery in the UK have begun a two-week strike over pay beginning on November 21.
Almost 100 membersof the union, boilermakers, welders, pipefitters, mechanical fitters and scaffolders will take part in the strike, which has the potential to impact on fuel supplies.
There was hope of a last-minute deal to prevent industrial action and the potential disruption to fuel supplies that may result from the action.
However, the employers Altrad, Bilfinger and Rhyal and their client ExxonMobil have failed to formally give GMB an offer they can put to their members.
Bryan Hulley, GMB organiser, said: “Quite simply the employers are solely responsible for this walk out.
“Despite the promises that they will make an offer to our members, we are yet to get a formal offer on the table.
“The belligerent stance the employers have taken - refusing to talk until the union suspend the strike, is seen by our members - as just a further excuse not to find a settlement with a workforce who thoroughly deserve a pay increase.
“The companies have had ample notice of the impending dispute to get around the table to negotiate. They have simply refused and have instead worked actively to undermine a solid and collective call for fair pay, considering the incredible cost of living rises over the last 12 months.
“Our message is simple we are easy to find as we will be stood at the gates of the refinery until such time as the game playing stops and real negotiations begin.
"We have now issued notice to the employers of a further two weeks action to follow the two weeks we already intend to take."

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