Franklin Electric introduces several new pumping products

Franklin Electric, an Indiana, US-based global provider of water and fuelling systems, will displaying multiple new pumping products at WEFTEC 2015, including new VR multi-stage, FPS IGPH grinder, and GT wet prime pumps.

The expanded VR Series line of vertical, stainless steel multi-stage pumps delivers clean water under pressure for a wide range of applications.

These booster pumps are now available in a range of options from 3 to 95m3/h with a flow range up to 600gpm and 750 feet of total dynamic head (TDH).

Each pump features all 316 stainless steel hydraulic components for optimum durability, efficiency and performance even in corrosive water applications.

Impellers and diffuser stages are fabricated from heavy gauge stainless steel using advanced welding technology, and the oversized ball bearing/coupler assembly eliminates the need for stack height adjustment and supports the axial thrust load.

The elimination of axial thrust allows the VR Series pumps to utilise industry standard motors instead of the high-thrust motors commonly required in similar industry applications.

The new FPS IGPH Series of high head grinder pumps are engineered for the tough demands of higher head conditions found in many low pressure sewage transfer applications.

Available in an automatic or manual version, the FPS IGPH Series of high head grinder pumps utilise a proven and patented cutter system with tight clearances for superior grinding at 414,000 cuts per minute.

These new units incorporate two non-clogging impeller stages for efficient pumping of sewage slurries with a shut-off head of 200 feet.

With only 16 full-load amps at minimum head requirements of 100 feet, these units can replace other grinders that fail to meet current application needs.

The new Pioneer Pump GT Series wet prime pumps are capable of running full diameter at over 2,000rpm, making them a good fit for waste water management in industrial, municipal, and rental applications.

Designed with a long pump life in mind, the GT Series pumps are constructed with ductile iron volutes and impellers and oversized 17-4 PH stainless steel shafts.

Their hydraulic design includes a radically tapered stuffing box with strake, resulting in a cooler seal face, reduced abrasion, and longer seal life.

GT Series pumps can operate at high pressures without adding a secondary pump, and they can run at higher speeds and are less susceptible to damage from cavitation without the added cost of a booster pump.

The new Little Giant Pit+Plus basin is an advanced, installation and service-friendly sewage basin option for plumbing contractors.

The Little Giant Pit+Plus features a monolithic top to separate and promote the three key areas of a sewage package, that is the pump, switch, and plumbing connections, which can be accessed independently.

Still offered with the common float switch, the system was recently redesigned to incorporate the reliable and new external control module switch option.

It contains a ‘bell’ inside the basin to monitor liquid level for switch operation outside the basin, isolated from the liquid.

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