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Framo signs pumping system contract with Höegh LNG

Framo has signed a contract agreeing to supply Höegh LNG with a pumping system for its new Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU). The contract is for one unit, but includes the option for three more units which are currently being built at Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea.

FSRU is a floating processing and terminal facility used when it is not profitable or practical to develop onshore terminals. By using an on-board regasification unit, the liquid gas handled by the LNG tanker is converted to gas prior to being brought ashore. This is only possible by heating the gas, and this is only possible by pumping large amounts of seawater. Framo is set to install four pumps into each of the vessels which are due to be delivered over the period 2019 to 2021.

"Global demand for energy is on the rise, but in many areas the necessary infrastructure is not in place. FSRU is a highly versatile alternative as a vessel can be moored at any quay and operate as a terminal. Furthermore, the investment costs are significantly lower than for onshore developments." says Thorbjørn Vågenes, Director, Oil & Gas Pumping Systems at Framo AS. 

The system Framo will deliver to Höegh LNG is built around technology which has been extensively tried and tested in offshore operations. A similar solution was delivered to Shell’s floating LNG facility, Prelude FLNG.

In a statement, Framo says the pump systems have “improved operating reliability, are lighter, and have fewer components to maintain compared with the conventional pumps most commonly used on board FSRU vessels.” The company also claims that the Framo system will eliminate the need for a separate pump on vessels where space is often limited.

“We are using recognised and well-proven Framo technology in a new market where there has been a significant rise in demand the past few years." says Vågenes.